The Cost Of Beekeeping – How much does beekeeping really cost? 4.64/5 (11)

costs of beekeeping - costs of becoming a beekeeper

We get several questions surrounding this topic in particular; since there’s a common misconception that beekeeping requires an endless amount of money to facilitate. However, we realise that this is an extremely important question, and although the answer is not straightforward because some people may have a much larger budget …

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What is Beekeeping – A Beginners Introduction to Beekeeping 5/5 (7)

What is Beekeeping

Humans have been keeping bees for thousands of years. We first domesticated bees in Ancient Egypt and harvested them for their honey. One of the world’s most healthy foods and the most nutritious sweetener is honey, so it was easy for the practice to spread all over the world. Beekeeping …

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